Geography at Upton Westlea

A good geographer should understand the need to know more about our planet and the way we live. To be a good geographer you need to understand the relationship between the physical and the human world and the way the planet works and the way it affects those of us living on it. A good geographer needs to be inquisitive, analytical, critical, logical and resourceful. They need to have effective communication skills, be organised, and apply this to both human and physical geography.

At Upton Westlea Primary School we follow our own Geography curriculum which has been written to meet the needs of our children, making full use of our local area. It provides a curriculum programme that fully meets the requirements of the National Curriculum. As well as providing a complete geography curriculum it also makes meaningful cross curricular links with other subjects and SMSC. It supports children to understand the world as it really is and develop the skills they need to do this.

In EYFS Geographical skills are taught through Understanding the World.

Spiritual - Geography inspires awe and wonder in the natural world: Both at the physical and human features.

Moral - Show respect for different opinions. Moral and Ethical issues in environmental debates.

Social - Helping children to  understand and appreciate the natural environment such as rivers,mountains and volcanoes.

Cultural -  Geography is all around us. We need to understand the effect of weather and climate on communities. We need to show respect for the lives of others even though they may be different from our own.

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