DT at Upton Westlea

Design and Technology develops and builds children’s’ creativity, problem solving, planning, manufacturing and evaluating skills. Since many projects are done in small groups, the children also improve their communication and teamwork skills. Design and Technology is an inspiring and practical subject that allows children to design and make products that solve real problems within a range of contexts, for example, providing Mr Grinling with a strong and secure lunchbox. The children acquire a broad range of subject knowledge and also incorporate the skills learnt in mathematics, science, computing and art to design, make and then evaluate their products. Confident children will be able to take risks, apply their creativity and spot and rectify any immediate problems of fault with the product. The children will also develop and understanding of how past and present products have an impact on daily life and in the wider world through the study of inventions and advances in technology.

Spiritual - The children have the opportunity to apply their imagination, inspiration, intuition and insight through creativity and risk taking in analysing, designing and manufacturing a range of products. It instils a sense of awe, wonder and mystery when studying human achievement and investigating products, aesthetic and functional, past and present and examine how they affect the quality of our daily lives. Encouraging creativity allows pupils to express innermost thoughts and feelings and to reflect and learn from reflection, for example, asking ‘why?’, ‘how?’ and ‘where?’

Moral - The children are able to develop their awareness of the moral dilemmas created by advances in technology, such as the effect that using machines for manufacturing has had on employment. It encourages pupils to value the environment and its natural resources and to consider the environmental impact of everyday products. It educates pupils to become responsible consumers.

Social - It gives opportunities to work as a team, recognising others’ strengths and sharing equipment. Design Technology promotes equality of opportunity and provides an awareness of areas that once were traditionally male dominated. Children are often asked to design and make products to meet the needs of others and value the feedback they receive; they must show mutual respect when working individually and collaboratively. Peer evaluation and self-evaluation of designed and made items plays a large part in Design & Technology work. Children learn to express their thoughts and feelings about their own and others’ work, and learn to give and take criticism without offence.

Cultural - The children investigates how different cultures have contributed to technology and reflects on products and inventions, the diversity of materials and ways in which design can improve the quality of our lives. Pupils are taught that all their design work should be sensitive to needs and beliefs that it is being made for and the purpose the product has. They think about how their ideas and products and how they impact on the world around them. Children are encouraged use the work of artists and designers from a wide range of cultures and historical contexts to influence and support the development of their work.

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